With over 25 years experience in early years teaching and development, Jenny Kossew brings a wealth of expertise to the field of child behaviour. Her passion as a mother, grandmother, educator and entertainer makes her the perfect choice for helping adults understand children's needs.

As a qualified sleep consultant Jenny brings her acute listening skills and empathy to a complex subject, offering parents a holistic approach to improving sleep, bettering behaviour and inspiring communication. 

As a First Aid Trainer, Jenny combines essential theory with simple practical implementation in a fun, engaging and interactive environment. 

On a personal level she is inspired by intergenerational work which she facilitates through the charity she founded, JOY (Joining Old and Young).

Thank you so much Jenny. We really value your advice and the sensitivity and, as far as I’m concerned, brilliance of your approach.
— Melanie
Jenny you are amazing. After 9 months of no sleep, I finally am sleeping and feel I can get my life back on track. I hosted a noisy party tonight (Guy Fawkes) and my baby slept through it all thanks to Jenny helping me teach him how to sleep through his sleep cycles. Fireworks and all!!! Thank you thank you thank you
— Amily