Sleep Consultancy

Jenny’s knowledge of children’s behaviour has allowed her to approach sleep from a different angle: she looks to understand the emotional needs of your child and family, help put routines in place to positively reinforce good behaviour and also encourage the best sleeping practices in order to align with the whole family’s needs.

Jenny is available for phone consultations as well as home visits in North-West London and the surrounding areas.

What I do / How I can Help

Together we look at your baby/child’s behaviour. I can help you understand and respond appropriately to the signals they communicate through their cries and reactions to their environment. Sleep deprivation or lack of routine can often  manifest in ‘disruptive’, ‘disobedient’ or ‘difficult’ behaviours. I have experienced first-hand how interrupted sleep impacts on a child's behaviour and empathise with parents going through this trying time.
To help you and your child work together, our consultations will help you recognise and understand the signs your child is showing. 

We all know that we are most productive the day after a good night’s sleep. We wake up alert, motivated and ready for the day. Just imagine how much more responsive your child will be to your positive parenting when they wake up refreshed through a regular routine and a good night’s sleep.
I can help you take a gentle and caring approach to:

  • establishing good sleeping habits from birth
  • creating a routine that fits your lifestyle
  • helping you reach your goals
  • sleeping through the night
  • resolving separation anxieties
  • encouraging self-soothing
  • establishing good nap times
  • removing negative sleep associations
  • resolving bedtime issues with toddlers or older children not wanting to go to bed or stay in their bed.


It was very helpful to talk everything through with you.. you listened to me go on and on about all my sleep problems with my children, gave me wise counsel, and it worked. Thank you!
— Melissa
I would highly recommend Jenny to any parent who is struggling with baby / child sleep or behavioral issues. She is a really good listener, highly empathetic and makes sure to understand the full picture before putting a plan in place. Jenny takes a holistic approach and helped us to devise a schedule for a good day time routine which set us up very well for implementing a gentle but firm process for sleep training our daughter. We have had outstanding results (best sleep in weeks) and couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Thank you Jenny!
— Gail
“Jenny Kossew has met with me several times to discuss at length different techniques to help improve Ethan’s sleeping patterns. I have greatly benefited from her advice...

...She has also given me great advice dealing with the night time wake ups and the confidence to keep him calm...

We are really grateful for all Jenny’s help and advice.”
— Gaby